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With the 2013 Christmas next big event this year, we may as well start planning for a great and memorable 2013 Christmas. Many of us will be decorating our homes with Christmas trees and other Christmas decoration and nothing will make us happy like sharing our experience in Christmas decorations and this is a long standing Christmas tradition that is kept every year. On this post I would like to share with you the history of the much appreciated and used Christmas tree and I will start with a question. Have you ever stopped for a while to ask yourself about the origin of the much appreciated Christmas tree that have a special place in our hearts as part of any Christmas festival?
I will be grand to tell some of the history I have gathered about Christmas tree.
The first Christmas tree was made and put up in German; Geismar, by a St. Boniface, who lived between 672 and 754 after Christ. St. Boniface cut, Thor; a sacred tree and planted a Fir tree and this became the first Christmas tree

Saint Boniface was born in 680, in the Crediton in Wessex now Devon in Britain and later went to become the Apostle of the Germans, becoming the first archbishop of Mainz before he was killed on June 5th 755. He is the Patron Saint of Germany. It can also be said he is the person who gave us our much cherished Christmas tree.

Saint Boniface used the triangular shape of the Fir tree to teach about Holy Trinity, the relationship between God; the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, making the Fir tree be perceived by the people as a tree of God replacing Oak, which had sacred position in people for generations

Martin Luther also decorated a Christmas tree with Candles in the 16th Century as an illustration to his children on how the stars twinkled.

German developed Christmas markets as far back as in the 16th century selling Christmas gifts. The gifts sold back then included knife sharpeners to sharpen the knives of cutting the Christmas geese, breads made of ginger, paper flowers, and wax ornaments were sold for hanging on Christmas trees.

The flowers used back then were only of two colors, white signifying Innocence and red signifying Knowledge. The meaning of the Christmas tree back then was connected with Garden Eden, signifying abundance. One of the Christmas tree decorations; tinsel was first made in Nuremberg, Germany, early in the 16th century. Made out of silver to mimic effect of ice, it was part of a Christmas garland; a decorative cord or wreath made out of flowers. There are stories that before the people settled to use of silver for the tinsel, various metals were tried including a mixture and lead or tin but turned out to be heavy, silver was later replaced by plastic that we see today in most of our Christmas decorations.

When you erect a Christmas tree during 2013 Christmas remember it has been there for hundreds of years.

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